• Sometimes Smaller is better.... Front Runners!
  • We can narrow steel or aluminum wheels as much as they physically allow. The size of the barrel and the amount of taper will limit this. You can e-mail a picture of your wheel (with the tire dismounted) so we can determine how much can be removed. Please include wheels in the subject line.
  • All modified wheels will run true when done and will balance out. Wheels with severe runout or damage may be rejected.
  • Please double check your measurments, we give you what you ask for!
  • Please do not sand blast wheels before modifications because it can contaminate the welds.
  • Pricing- Prices depend upon the size of the rim and the amount being added or removed. For quotes on pricing or any questions please call (734) 779-1303 or e-mail (Please include wheels in the subject line of the e-mail).

  • All wheels sent in for modifications MUST have in the box accompanying them the modification form filled out and signed. Please download and fill out and then include in box with wheels. If you are drop shipping from another source please fax this form to us at (734) 779-1345 and include on it your supplier's name.

  • We cannot modify wheels without this form completed and signed!
Wheel Narrowing

Weldcraft Wheels is your source for expert repairs and fabrication on your custom or factory wheels. We specialize in wheel modification (aluminum or steel). We widen and narrow wheels. We also move your centers when possible. When widening we use a band of material of the width requested, so no second donor wheel is required. On aluminum wheels we V- Groove and hand tig each seam for maximum penetration. Steel wheels are stick welded and tig welded on opposite sides.

Wheel NarrowingWe can help you achieve that custom look or get the most from your power level by allowing you to run larger tires for better traction for drag strip or road course performance. Perhaps you would like to maintain a "sleeper" look on your muscle car by running stock appearing wheels but want the benefit of a wider tire? We can alter your stock style wheels to allow much wider rubber without sacrificing the stock appearance of your factory wheels. Running wider tires on too narrow a rim results in lost contact patch and improper wear. Our widening process will eliminate this concern completely.
Click here If interested in Widening your rims!


If your wheels are found to have minor damage or runout requiring any repairs prior to modifications, there may be an additional charge for this. We call first before any work is done however.

Replica wheels...
We have noticed a higher rate of rejection with these wheels due to excessive runout. Be aware that wheels purchased sight unseen is still a buyer beware situation.